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Somerset County Christian Homeschoolers

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to glorify God by providing a variety of enrichment programs and an opportunity for families to develop friendships within our homeschooling community.



SCCH was initially started in 1988 to support moms in their efforts to home educate their children. This group expanded to include the children, and evolved into what we today call the SCCH co-op. The SCCH support group also continued to grow to include the dads.

The co-op was created to provide an environment for home educated children to get together for fun and learning. Our purpose is to provide our children with an opportunity to further develop a love of learning through Christ-centered, supervised, parent directed group interaction.

SCCH Co-op is unique

SCCH co-op is a group to support moms. While a huge part of our co-op is that our kids get to gather and have fun and learn, we really strive to be a place where moms can get together, enjoy each other, and learn from each other. One of the unique features of SCCH co-op is "tea time," where moms get to visit with each other while their kids are having fun and learning. We find that while our more experienced moms love SCCH co-op and continue bringing their children year after year, it is an especially good place for moms who are new to homeschooling because of the time they get to spend with other moms, talking and asking questions about homeschooling.

We hold classes for our students, but these classes are what we consider supplemental. The classes our children take at SCCH co-op are "extra;" with this supplemental model, parents continue to take full responsibility for their children's academics. 

(The exception to our "supplemental" classes are our high school classes: We are an academic co-op for high schoolers, and classes done at SCCH co-op for high school are planned so that they can be used on a high school transcript.)

We meet only twice a month. We find that meeting less than once a week is a great pace for our families; we meet enough that we really get to know each other, but not so much that the commitment is overwhelming or a burden.


Co-op Organizational Model

The co-op is organized and operated for the benefit of those using its services. As a result, active participation, commitment and personal responsibility are required from each family enrolled in the program. One parent from each member family must attend every co-op meeting, and the attending parent is expected to serve as a teacher or assistant teacher at every meeting.


The co-op meets regularly from September through June each school year. Our meetings are divided into three trimesters: fall, winter, and spring, with six meetings per trimester. Meetings are generally every other week, with a few exceptions. Members are expected to have excellent attendance for the entire year.


To find out many other details about our co-op, please click on the FAQ tab to the left.


Membership Requirements

We require that all members subscribe to our Statement of Faith.


In order to join and attend co-op, families must be home educating at least one child who will be at least 5 years old by December 31st of the specific school year AND be in kindergarten in that specific school year.

Any family who is not conducting the majority of the child's educational program under the direction of the parents is ineligible for membership. Any family that is homeschooling via a government funded program is ineligible for membership.

                                                     Becoming a Member

In order to become a member, you need to go through a two step phone interview process, and following that you may be invited to schedule a visit to a co-op meeting. Please note that you must complete the two interviews before we invite you to visit our group. We reserve the right to tell you that we will not be inviting you to visit our group once the interviews are complete. If you are invited to visit, we will follow up with an email or phone call letting you know whether or not we will be inviting you to join our group.

If you think you might be interested in our co-op, there are answers to many questions you may have about the co-op on the "FAQ" tab to the left.  We encourage you to read this section thoroughly to find out if our co-op seems like a good fit for you.

Registration Deadlines

We have registration deadlines, which we adhere to strictly so that our program runs smoothly and efficiently. Typically, the deadline for registering for the entire year of co-op (which is what we recommend and prefer) is at the beginning of May of the previous school year.

If we have openings in the middle of the year (dependent on current membership numbers), it is often possible to join for one or two trimesters. We welcome inquiries at any time of the year and will let you know if we have any openings and when the next chance to join is.

To let us know you're interested in finding out about joining our co-op, please send an email to, and we will contact you.

Please note that we give all our volunteers (and we're ALL volunteers!) the summer off to spend with their families and to get their individual homeschools ready for the fall, so if you contact us in June, July, or August, please be patient as you wait for our reply, as we will not contact you until September.


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